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Arafat Rohman
Apr 13, 2022
In General Discussions
Therefore, for the new car company, any copywriting aimed at "persuading the public to take a special car" eventually becomes a tool for uber to attract traffic. The above cases have given us a lot of inspiration. The most important thing is to see the advantages of competitors before product promotion, and not to try to sell the same selling points as powerful competitors. Of course, if you give soup, you should also give a spoon. Above we pointed out the misunderstanding of product finding selling point, then, let's discuss: how to find the right selling point for the product? The most common special email list method is to determine the selling point based on the disadvantages of competitors. But please note that this disadvantage must be a disadvantage among the advantages that competitors rely on to survive, rather than a direct disadvantage of the opponent. For example, the price of the competitor is expensive, which may be its direct disadvantage, because if the other party has the ability to control cost, they can reduce the price to follow up your strategy. The so-called direct disadvantage is the disadvantage that can be improved at low cost. So what are the disadvantages of the advantages to survive? For example, for coca-cola, its most important advantage for survival is its classics and long history.
Arafat Rohman
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