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Shobuj Kumar
Apr 11, 2022
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Ray's daily plan of attack Phone Number List is based on the fact that discipline trumps talent. He sees talented people all the time who are lazy. He believes that with a disciplined approach, this strategy absolutely will work in the long-haul to generate very large checks. Ray does the same routine each day, beginning around 4:30 am, regardless of how he feels, the weather, etc. His daily plan of attack is as follows. Ray recommends, rather than sending your favorite business link, to simply send an automated Facebook invite. Why? Because Facebook is actually the #1 place to do marketing online at the moment, Read, comment and Phone Number List re-tweet 10 MLM or marketing blogs per day in your niche. A tip Ray uses is to be the first Phone Number List comment, which generally gets him the most notice. Search out and follow 20 MLM leaders on Twitter per day. Twellow and search.twittercan be used to find these people. SocialOomph will send an automated message to those who, in return follow you, simultaneously inviting them to now join you as a friend on Facebook, where you'll develop a relationship and get them on your marketing list. Then from these leads, find a way Phone Number List to get 2-5 people to tell you NO to your opportunity per day. For those that say no, you can offer them a funded proposal solution to their marketing needs, if appropriate. Ray normally leads with his MLM opportunity, unless the prospect is highly radioactive about their own company at the outset. Create one piece of content per day (blog, article, video, etc.), which can be sent to your marketing list.

Shobuj Kumar

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